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This year's limited production of Kastania Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available in cases of six 750ml bottles. We ship all our oil in custom styrofoam cases, similar to those often used for shipping wine, which helps maintain the high quality and life of our oil.


  • "I met you about five years ago where I sampled the Kastania Olive Oil and this email is in response to yours from today. Yes, I did receive the six bottles of Kastania Olive Oil on Tuesday and it was like Christmas in July for me! I was so happy you had the olive oil in stock. I've tried other brands since I first had Kastania, but there was always something missing. Your brand is the best and I'm very happy I was able to order it! Thank you for the wonderful product!"

    Marilyn C.
  • "As an Italian American who loves to cook as my nona did, I have, for decades, used olive oil, onions, and garlic as the base for many of my dishes. The brand I used varied until I tried Kastania olive oil. Its flavor greatly enhances any recipe, and now I will use no other than Kastania. Thank you for producing such a magnificent quality olive oil."

    Mimi D'Angelo from Wellesley, MA
  • "This is the best olive oil ever. Once you try it you're hooked and nothing else will do. Penelope and Andrei have a passion for their product. They are knowledgable and personable and once you taste it you'll know why. Run don't walk to buy this olive oil."

    Christine W. from Downingtown, PA
  • "My sister is in love with your olive oil!!!! She said her teens are asking for tomatoes with your olive oil at every meal. You must understand these are children who have lived overseas for a good part of their lives and know excellent food! Thank you for bringing such a wonderful product to our markets."

    Donna L. from Downingtown, PA
  • "I wanted to say I'm such a HUGE fan of your Greek EVOO ever since I was fortunate enough to get to try some. This Olive Oil is the best I've ever had! It's light and so very good mixed with your favorite Balsamic for dipping or a dressing! It's truly great stuff!"

    Erich from Indianapolis, IN
  • "Everyone should try this great olive oil! I bought four bottles for Christmas and gave them to friends. It's high-quality, with a great rich flavor and absolutely delicious. My neighbor is a personal chef and loved it. French bread, dipping spices and Kastania…yum."

    Beth S. from Colorado
  • "I really love Kastania Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It's very fresh, clean and creamy with a nice peppery bite after it dissolves in your mouth. I compared it to some of my favorite olive oils, some costing twice the price and I like it better. I'm addicted to it!"

    Ursula H. from Philadelphia, PA
  • "As good as it gets for extra virgin olive oil! I found out that most Extra Virgin Olive Oils are not 100%. Kastania, however, is 100%, so I bought it for that reason and it tastes way better then the previous olive oils I have purchased from the grocery stores. Time to get more!"

    Dee from Collingswood from NJ
  • "Our family enjoys the fruity and slightly herbal olive flavor that is so much more pronounced than one finds in the commercially produced brands purchased in supermarkets. Since using your family's oil, I've decided to use it exclusively. Thank you so much!"

    Melissa T. from New Ipswich, NH

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Kastania Bottle 750 ml

Single Bottle (Organic) 750ml ($28)

Case of 6 (Organic) 750ml ($150)

2020 Relief Package

"2020 Relief Package" Gift Basket ($88)

At this historic time when restaurants are closed and folks are staying "safe" at home, everyone's kitchen is busier than ever. This gift of high quality Kastania gourmet products will be an exciting addition to their pantries and cooking repertoire - 750ml bottle of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a bag of dried Oregano, 250ml Balsamic Vinegar and 250ml Balsamic Cream, jar of Kalamata Olives and a 280g "Eromeni" Flowers and Thyme Honey.

Thinking Of You

"Thinking Of You" Gift Basket ($20.50)

Send this thoughtful gift of our award winning 250ml Kastania Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a 250 ml Organic Red Wine Vinegar to your friends and family without breaking the bank.

Greek Basics

""Greek Basics" Gift Basket ($52)

Our most popular gift necessary for any truly Greek kitchen or pantry - 500 ml Kastania Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 500 ml Balsamic Vinegar.

Mani Specialties

"Mani Specialties" Gift Basket ($86)

Remember family, friends, and business associates with this special mix of products from our ancestral homeland - the Mani region of Greece - 750 ml Kastania Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 250 ml Organic Red Wine Vinegar, Kalamata Olives, Balsamic Cream (glaze) and Mediterranean Sea Salt Flakes.